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Chinese cookingThere are many benefits to cooking Chinese food and involving the entire family. Mealtime should be fun, involve the entire family, be healthy and taste great. I have found that Chinese cooking is excellent way to spend time with my children while maintaining a healthy diet.

Throughout our website you will find cooking instructions and helpful hints. You will also find recipes and can share recipes of your own. I do require that you use the same user name, so that regular users can identify each other.

Chinese cooking has become increasingly popular in the west and around the world. All types of Chinese recipes have gradually moved from the restaurants into home kitchens. Part of its charm, of cooking Chinese recipes is the speed at which the food is cooked. Cooking food so quickly preserves its colors, texture, and nutrients. Cooking Chinese recipes is simple, delicious, and healthy. Most Chinese dishes are cooked in oil quickly. Cooking Chinese recipes can be kept simple and straightforward. The ingredients used for cooking Chinese recipes can be exotic. Of course there's all the common cooking ingredients used in Chinese cooking. Stir-frying is the most popular and common cooking technique used in Chinese cuisine. The most important things to know about stir-frying is preparation. Stir-frying is 90% Preparation and 10% cooking. Once you are ready stir-frying is quick so you need to be ready.

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